Weight Loss Made Easy

weight loss made easy
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Weight Loss Made Easy

Weight loss doesn't need to be this complicated!
There are low fat, low carb, low calorie, and even
liquid diets. There are dozens of pills and plans promising the
world with quick weight loss. I am sure, while you're reading this article, someone is dreaming up another "quick fix" solution to the ever growing obesity epidemic.
I would like to tell you an eye opening weight loss related story about Jill, a person I consulted with.
Jill, a 35 year old single women in Los Angeles, had a first date last Saturday night with whom she called "Mr. Perfect."
Because the dinner date was at 8:00 pm, she told her girlfriends
she needed to start getting ready at 6:00 pm. Jill wanted to look the best she could, therefore, her outfit and accessories were planned days in advance. She picked out a dress she wore only once, last year, which generated rave reviews.
As Jill anxiously dressed for her big night with "Mr.
Perfect," she shockingly couldn't squeeze into her tight dress.
Instant panic! It didn't fit, and her night was ruined. She
felt fat, unattractive, and downright disgusted with herself.
Jill told me she wanted to cancel the date and hide.
Does any of this sound familiar?
I am sharing this story with you because this is exactly how the weight loss, diet roller coaster can begin.
After feeling horrible about herself, a distraught Jill frantically began searching for the quickest weight loss solution possible. Jill said "whatever it takes, I need this off now!"
The next day Jill was bombarded with dozens of different
complicated, and confusing solutions. Pills, exercise, low carb,
liquid, South Beach, Beverly Hills, and the Grapefruit Diet.
She called me, in an extremely emotional state, to ask which diet was best.
After carefully explaining that weight loss can be very easy
as long as she stepped back and understood and followed a basic, rational system I began to share with her.
It is time to stop making weight loss so complicated! It can be
extremely easy if you understand and follow the simple system
I shared with Jill. The system, I am referring to, has been outlined below for your benefit also.
1. Determine your maintenance calories by writing down every
thing you eat for 7 days. This includes even the little piece of cheese or chocolate, or the sugar and cream you might have put into your coffee. Make sure you don't alter your diet in any way throughout these 7 days. This is considered your typical 7 day diet recall.
2. Use a calorie counting book and account for each and every calorie you took in. Figure out the calorie content at the end of each day.
3. Add up the calories for all 7 days to get the grand total.
4. Take the grand total and divide by 7. This will
equal your daily maintenance calories - the amount
of calories required to maintain your present bodyweight.
(You have to assume you neither gained nor lost weight while
recording these numbers.) This method will take into account
individual metabolism, and physical activity levels.
5. To lose 1 pound of fat per week, you must find a way to
decrease your caloric intake by 500 calories per day for
seven straight days. Consistency does count. If you wish
to increase your physical activity by 250 more calories per
day, all you need to do is cut 250 calories each day from your
maintenance number identified above.
Take a close look at your 7 day recall, and determine which foods you can either cut down on, or eliminate. Look at portion size, high fat foods, sugar based beverages, and desserts.
Once again, there must be consistent, day after day, effort in order to lose weight. There are no quick, secret magic pills.
Follow these simple steps, and you will lose body fat when
ever you want. There will never be a need again for the
"quick fix" flavor of the month diet. Therefore, if you understand this simple principle, you will never be confused about what works and what doesn't , resulting in complete control over your weight.

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