Three Natural Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs Methods

By John Martin

While it is common for canines to get arthritis problems during the later stages of their life, it can still cause them a lot of harm. What most people do not know is that this type of condition is not only caused by joint and muscle inflammation but other conditions especially those that are linked to the gut. To understand how to cure this condition is to understand natural arthritis pain relief for dogs methods.

Now, it is very important to note that there are actually quite a few internal problems that may cause this condition. One of the main causes of it would be leaky gut syndrome, which is something that must be fixed by first fixing the diet. The gut of a dog that suffers from leaky gut would have a lot of holes in it which would allow toxins to enter the body and to allow other things inside causing harm to the gut area.

Some of the main causes of this really harmful condition are too much processed food, too many medical drugs, and over vaccination. These would all factor into why some canines would have leaky gut syndrome. Eliminating these things from the diet will help prevent leaky gut syndrome, and thus also help lessen the chances of getting arthritis.

Another thing to think about would be fat in the diet of the canine. The thing about fat is that it cannot be cut down in the diet of the dog because canines need a balance of fat in order to have a healthy body. This is why it is very important that the owner would always monitor the intake of fat of his pet.

Of course, one has remember to give the right type of fats to his pet and not just any fats that can be found in the refrigerator. One must give his pet omega six and omega three fats, both of which are very important to the hormones of the dog. This improvement in diet can also play a role in leaky gut syndrome which if prevented, can prevent and relieve arthritis for canines.

Lastly, one would have to boost the antioxidants in the body of his pet. Antioxidants are used for fighting free radicals which can degenerate cells in the body. Because of its degenerative feature, free radicals can actually destroy joints and tissues.

Some of the helpful antioxidants that can greatly help fogs would be the different kinds of berries like goji berries and cranberries. Also, turmeric and other herbs such as oregano, basil, cumin, and ginger are really good for canines as well. Combine all of these into the diet and it is possible to prevent this condition.

Now, the key here to making these methods work would be consistency. It is important that one will consistently watch the diet of his dog if he wants it to be healthy in the long run. With these methods, he can actually help prevent arthritis on his canine friend.

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