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By Sharon Cox

A big population in the world is trying hard to overcome obesity, and a big number is trying to develop new approaches to solve the problem. Although the best way to solve the problem is by adhering to lifestyle changes and eating the right food you can opt for a surgery that gives you therapy in a prompt manner. Lapband surgery is a process that is becoming popular all over the world in assisting individuals struggling with obesity.

The procedure is also known as gastric banding. Using a laparoscope, the surgeon fixes an adjustable belt that goes around the upper side of your stomach. The belt is made using silicone materials, and you can always loosen it or tighten the belt. While stretching the band an amount of saline is put into it to ensure that it is full. A port is connected to the port for easy adding of the saline.

The goal of this operation is to make the stomach smaller in a way that only allows the individual to hold very little food. Passage of the food in the intestines is also improved. After the procedure the brain can convey signals to your stomachs which alert you to stop eating since you are satisfied. This ensures you take little food. The band makes a small pouch in your stomach where the conveyance of signals occurs.

One of the methods of knowing whether you should undergo the procedure is weighing your weight. This means that if you have 45 kilos and above from the standard weight you should start thinking of undergoing the operation. This is an ideal procedure that yields much to patients suffering from weight-related conditions and disorders like hypertension and diabetes.

Prior to conducting the process, the surgeon will require you to provide information on all the weight loss remedies that you ever tried. The process is not allowed for young kids. Any adult who has 18 years and above is the ideal candidate for the process and Prior to the operation, the doctor will need you to eat well and refrain from alcohol.

The doctor should also enlighten the patient on the method and give all the necessary information needed for him to decide. They are also supposed to address the emotions of the patient so that stability is gained. This information sharing is important as the doctor can understand issues like ulcers and other intestinal related conditions. This enables the doctor to have a review and observation of the condition before he can administer the procedure.

Even before undergoing the procedure, the patient is advised to undertake other weight reducing methods in order to make the procedure more successful. For patients with severe obese conditions, the process becomes riskier than the beneficial.

During the operation, the doctor injects a full dose of anesthesia to the patient to ensure that the patient does not experience much pain. The operation is laparoscopic to ensure that there are no scars. Certain doctors will encourage patients to eat the right food and not to take any food that is creamy.

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