Crossfit Ann Arbor Training Can Solve Your Exercise Dilemma

By Donna Mitchell

If you are serious about getting fit and healthy, you will have to commit to a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Even though this is the goal of many, most of them say they don't have the time, motivation, or energy to make it happen. If this sounds like you, maybe crossfit Ann Arbor training workouts are the solution. Military personnel, law enforcement, and firefighters were the first to try out the programs. Today it is a worldwide phenomenon.

Crossfit is a system designed to build strength and condition the body. If you hate cardio and spending hours on the treadmill, this is the workout for you. This is resistance training, but you don't need any special equipment or weights, although a lot of people do use weights, for it to be effective. HIIT workouts are high intensity, which means you will burn calories and build muscle fast. It won't take hours, and you don't have to do it every day.

These programs are not just for bodybuilders and long distance runners. They are designed to enhance an individual's ability to perform everyday tasks, like cutting grass and climbing stairs. You will see an improvement in your physical appearance, but the real benefits are going to be in your overall health, balance, flexibility, strength, and posture.

A lot of exercise classes repeat routines continuously, using muscles in the same way every time. It is not unusual to reach a plateau of fitness and get stuck there. These programs are all about varying routines. By doing this muscles are forced to adjust to different intensities and demands. As a result the entire muscle is strengthened instead of one area. Workouts can adapt to accommodate individuals no matter what their fitness level.

If you hate the idea of another aerobics class, but need to burn calories to take off some pounds, these workouts are the answer. Studies show that high intensity workouts of short duration are more effective at burning calories than cardio workouts. They do it in a percentage of the time too. It doesn't matter how much body fat or muscle you start out with.

Even though those who participate in high intensity crossfit workouts don't spend nearly as much time in the gym as those who do aerobic workouts, they seem to enjoy it more and tend to stick with it longer. The reason may be linked to the variety of the routines. Boredom is one of the leading factors in dropping out of regular exercise programs.

Motivation is another common reason people give for not sticking with an exercise plan. This is a group activity that encourages members when they get discouraged and applauds those who accomplish personal goals. Having a support team is an important part of maintaining a regular exercise routine.

You have to make a commitment to good health in order to maintain a sensible diet and participate in regular exercise. Crossfit is perfect for those with busy and demanding schedules. With these workouts, you will see results in no time and be glad you decided to make health and wellness a priority.

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