Elk Antler Pills Are Not Just For Pets

By Catherine Cole

The Eastern World has been a great source for health secrets ever since China ended its long program of isolationism. Western people have benefited from everything from coconut oil to shark cartilage, and more. Now we get to open our minds to the health benefits of elk antler pills, both for ourselves as well as our aging furry family members.

A pill made from the velvet antlers of elks has, for thousands of years, been used as a supplement to restore vitality and a healthy immune system in human beings. In addition, it is excellent for promoting health of joints and muscles in both people and their animal companions. Anyone who has seen their pet struggle to stand up due to stiffness and pain will be grateful to see their furry friend feeling fit after a week of supplementation.

The hyaluronic acid as well as the insulin and epidermal growth factors contained in this product make it a better supplement for body builders and Yoga gurus than just about any other product available. For those of us entering middle age, it can reverse the aches and pains many of us experience as part of daily life. A balanced diet, exercise, and this supplement could help many people get off dangerous pain medications.

The health benefits of this product cannot be understated, especially for people and animals entering mid-life. This is the period where many of us experience bodily pain due to muscle wasting and arthritis, and this supplement can help us repair our bodies as if we were much younger. In fact, the stags themselves agree, as they are often seen in the wild eating the velvet from their own antlers.

Not only does this supplement aide in body and immune support for both humans and animals, but it does so without incurring ANY bad Karma. These baby Elks are cared for by their herders in the East, and by their own Veterinarians here in the West. At the age of two these young stags have their antlers removed each year so that the velvet can be harvested from them.

Stags will lose their entire rack, velvet and all, every year naturally. It is a completely renewable resource which takes nothing from the stag that it will not get back next year, as Nature intended. In the wild, these proud beasts lose their rack like clockwork, for there is a hormonal change which takes place on the Eve of their rutting season.

This yearly harvesting is done until the stags reach the age of fifteen years. The fate of these beautiful creatures varies depending on who their caretakers are. Herders do not always feel comfortable eating the stags when they have reached the end of their age of harvest, so often they are set free where they can live out their lives by their own wits.

In the United States they are often set free for the same reason, but sometimes people do buy the animal and take it to slaughter themselves. Their flesh is an organic source of meat, which is healthy for anyone. So, long after they have gifted us with vitality from their antlers, they continue to give to us with the gift of their flesh, their skin, their sacred life.

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