Interested In Vegan Eating Right Mentality

By Edward Mitchell

Being a vegan isn't so unusual any more. Still, once you decide to become one, you will have to prepare yourself to all kinds of questions. Every decision concerning your life is your own, and you don't have to justify such decisions to anyone, or spending time explaining the vegan eating right mentality to people around you.

Vegan diet is, simply said, based on foods that don't contain animal products. So, no meat, eggs or dairy products. It is definitely much easier to be a vegetarian, because they do eat dairy products and eggs, and it's easier for them to replace some essential minerals and vitamins mostly found in animal products, such as vitamin b12 and protein.

When it comes to vitamins, the most important one for vegans is vitamin B12. This is really important vitamin because it keeps your cells healthy, especially blood and nerve cells, and it is mostly found in animal products. If you are tired, depressed, weak or nervous, there is a chance you need to take a supplement. B12 deficiency may become a serious problem.

Proteins are also quite important. Once consumed, they break into valuable amino acids, the ones your body cells need to be able grow and regenerate. When you don't eat meat, milk and eggs, you have to get proteins from other sources, for example quinoa, soy or lentils. You can calculate your protein needs using really simple formula. You need as much grams of protein as you weigh in kilograms.

Calcium keeps your bones strong and resistant. It's not so hard to replace it, because so many natural products contain higher amounts of calcium, including soy, kale, almonds and figs. What is important is that you try to consume mostly natural food, not highly processed ones. Soy, rice and almond milk can be bought in most stores, but you could also make your own almond milk, for example, quite easily.

Iron can be absorbed easily or not so easily, because there are different types of iron in human foods and supplements. The one found in animal products is easier to absorb, but the one found in different seeds, for example sunflower seeds, is equally valuable. It can also be found in different vegetables, mostly in those with dark green leaves. Consume it together with vitamin C to promote the absorption.

Soy is really a great substitute for any animal product, but not if you consume overly processed foods only. Most soy products contain all kinds of additives and it is generally not recommendable to eat overly processed foods. It's much healthier to cook your own food, using soy flakes and fresh fruits and vegetables instead. If you don't have any ideas, buy yourself a good cookbook.

Both vegans and vegetarians should always read all labels. Numerous products claim to be for vegans, but contain gelatin or some other animal related substances. Ice cream toppings, marmalade and some other sweets also often contain gelatin, or even colors that are made by grinding dried insects. So, read the labels and enjoy in your new life.

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