For Bariatric Surgery New York Is Worth Visiting

By Laura Hall

Bariatric surgery is a term referencing a number of surgical operations aimed at weight reduction. For one to qualify as a candidate, there are a number of determining factors they must meet. As such, different procedures suit different people. Before having a procedure being done one is advised to consult their doctor for a guide on which procedure would suit them. Majority of the procedures are viable on patients of different age sets with minimal trouble. When one needs Bariatric Surgery New York offers the perfect location to visit.

There are a number of surgical options availed to patients for them to pick from. Nonetheless, three key procedures are commonly used by doctors in the United States. These are gastric sleeve surgery also called gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and laparoscopic adjustable band. Biliopancreatic diversion with the duodenal switch is used as a forth option but it is the least used.

In laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, the surgeon does place a ring around the top of the stomach. This forms a small pouch. Inside the ring, there is normally an inflatable band. This ring enables a person to feel full once a small quantity of food is consumed. There is usually a salt solution that fills inside the ring.

To help reduce or increase the pouch in size, the surgeon can reduce or increase the amount of salt solution held in the band. A port is the name of the device through which the salt solution is injected into the band. The patient has the port placed underneath their skin. It is often mandatory for one to take a number of follow up trips for the size of the band opening to be adjusted.

If after a given period the patient does not experience any observable change in their weight, the band can be considered as ineffective. It is important to know that the band does not always work. Thus, results may vary from one person to another. If the band is not working, the surgeon can have it removed. The FDA in the United States has approved gastric bands to be used on people with BMI value of 30 or more.

Gastric sleeve is another procedure where parts of stomach are removed by the surgeon to leave a small banana-shaped section. Staples are applied in stapling together the banana-shaped stomach section left. This surgery aims at making the patient get full very fast to avoid eating large quantities of food.

A number of changes result from the physical parts of the stomach being removed. For example, the balance of bacteria and gut hormones may change. A significant change in metabolism is experienced coupled by a lower appetite. Prior to pushing through with the procedure, one should have knowledge of the process being irreversible. The removed chunks of the stomach cannot be put back due to their permanent elimination.

Prior to undergoing weight management, the patient must be established to be fit for surgery. The doctor, thus performs a number of physical examinations. The surgeon also explains clearly the effects of the surgery on the patient and what it entails.

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