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weight loss program ( software)
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what is weight loss program ?? 

Weight Loss Program is a software tool that helps you control your weight. It tracks your daily caloric intake and expenditure and gives daily recommendations on how to reach your desired weight.

Weight Loss Program Features:

                                                               - Helps you reach and then maintain your target weight.
                                                               - Gives personal daily recommendations.
                                                               - Includes a database of 12,000+ foods and 600+ activities.
                                                               - Lets you create your own database to list your favorite
                                                               - foods and activities
                                                               - Tracks and visually displays your progress.

Why Is Weight Loss Program Helpful?

Weight Loss Program lets you change your weight in the most effective way – by counting calories. But now you don't need to count the calories yourself – Weight Loss Program will do it for you.
Weight Loss Program calculates and records your caloric intake and expenditure. It then advises you on how to adjust your diet to control your weight. To start, simply enter your current weight, your desired weight and then select a date for reaching the desired weight.
Weight Loss Program then tracks your progress. On a daily basis, you list the foods you have eaten and the activities you have performed, and enter your current weight. Weight Loss Program uses this information to calculate your caloric balance for the day. It will then recommend the actions you should take to keep on track toward achieving your desired weight .
Weight Loss Program Features:

Lose, maintain or gain – you decide
With Weight Loss Program, you can lose, gain, or maintain weight according to your current needs. No matter which goal you choose, you can always set a new goal later.

Calorie counting made easy
You don't have to calculate anything yourself. All you need to do is choose the foods you have consumed and the activities you have performed from the program's database. Weight Loss Program automatically adds up your total daily intake and expenditure to calculate your caloric balance.

Get advice
Weight Loss Program uses your daily caloric balance and your past progress to recommend the changes you should make to stay on track toward achieving your desired weight on time.

Comprehensive food and activity database
Weight Loss Program includes a searchable database of 12,000+ brand name foods and 600+ activities. The well-organized Explorer-like folder structure lets you quickly find any product or activity you need. For each food product the database details nutrition facts, and for each activity – the calorie burn rate.

My Food and My Activity Databases
For your convenience, you can easily create personal food and activity databases to list your favorite foods and activities.

See your progress
As Weight Loss Program keeps track of your progress, it records the goals you set and their current status, your caloric balance and the nutrient content of the foods you consume, as well as your changing body measurements. All recorded information is displayed in easy-to-read tables in Statistics.

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